Leaf Bag Distribution/Leaf Pickup

** LEAF BAG DISTRIBUTION** The Village will be distributing biodegradable leaf bags for use by residents. Each household will be allotted 10 bags total (if you need additional bags you will be responsible for purchasing them), the bags can be picked up at the Street Garage or at the Municipal Building Monday thru Friday only.
**LEAF PICKUP** will begin November 1st and run through December 13th. Leaves in anything other than biodegradable bags WILL NOT be picked up. Only leaves are permitted in the bags. Bags containing branches, grass clippings, garbage or animal waste will not be picked up. Filled bags must be placed at the curb (no alley pickup) Leaves will be picked up as manpower permits.

Council Meeting

The next regular council meeting will be Monday October 25, 2021 at 7:00 pm at the Municipal Building

Letters of Interest-Vacant Council Seat

The Village of East Palestine is accepting letters of interest for the recently vacated Council seat, the term for this appointment will be until 12/31/21. Letters will be accepted until Thursday October 14 at 4pm. Letters can be submitted to the Clerk at m.martin@eastpalestine-oh.gov, mailed to PO Box 231 or dropped off at the Municipal Building.

Glenview Cemetery Notice

Glenview Cemetery Notice- All flowers/decorations at Glenview Cemetery, East Palestine, must be removed by October 15 or they will be discarded. Fall and Winter decorations may be put on the graves as of November 1. Call 330-426-4367 ext 19 for cemetery information