NS Value Assistance Program

On September 18, Norfolk Southern announced the Value Assurance Program for East Palestine area homeowners. Residents can learn more about the interim program geography, all eligibility requirements, and the specific steps required for program participation on the VAP website, materials available at the FAC, or by contacting the VAP Administrator via PropertyAdministrator@alvarezandmarsal.com or (877) 270-6970.

Value Assistance Program – Making it Right in East Palestine (nsmakingitright.com)


Special Council Meeting

A special council meeting has been called for Monday October 2 at 7:00 pm for the purpose of voting on the hiring of a village manager.

Road Closure

Beginning September 25, North Pleasant Drive will be closed from E. Martin to E. Taggart for approximately 10 days. The closure will allow for sheet piling installation and excavation of contaminated soil under the road. Trucks that currently use N. Pleasant for off site shipments will be re-routed to E. Martin to the James St. crossing. Area residents will notice increased truck traffic along the temporary route. The road will be restored once the work is completed.

Community Canvassing

*Upcoming Community Canvassing*
Volunteers with local churches and The Way Station will be going door to door in East Palestine on October 12 & 13 to check in with residents and discuss available resources related to the train derailment response. More information to come in the following weeks.

Special Council Meeting

A Special Council meeting has been called for Monday Oct. 9 at 6:30 pm (prior to the regular meeting at 7:00) to hear from the Unity Council for EP Train Derailment.