Building permit applications are available at the Municipal Office, located at 85 North Market Street.   The applications can be picked up from 8 to 12:30, Monday through Thursday, except on holidays.  Completed applications must be paid for when picked up and returned the Municipal Office with the non-refundable fee attached.  The City must conduct a review and inspection prior to the start of construction.  Apply for  your building permit early, as you will need to allow for at least three business days for review and inspection.   Do not start construction prior to receiving an approval.  Building permits will be issued after the review and inspection of the property is complete.

Call the Municipal Office at 330-426-4367 Ext. 11 if you need information concerning plumbing inspections or sewer and water connections.

Unsafe building condemnations and demolitions, high grass, and junk are being handled by Building Inspector C. H. McCutcheon   Call 330-426-4367 Ext. 16 or



The cost of building permits are now based on the permit value (cost of construction).

Permit Value Residential Commercial/Industrial
UP TO $20,000.00 $35.00 (FLAT FEE) $50.00 (FLAT FEE)
$20,001.00 TO $1,000,000.00 .30% OF PERMIT VALUE .30% OF PERMIT VALUE
OVER $1,000,000.00 $3,000.00 $3,000.00
Any checks or ACH payments returned to the Village for non sufficient funds will be charged a fee of $40

Permits are required for any new construction, alterations, repairs and demolition of any structure within the village. Permits required for (but not limited to) the following: new homes, accessory buildings including garages, sheds, & misc. Accessory buildings, roof replacement or repair, window replacement, siding, additions or extensions, decks, terraces, patios, fences, driveways, parking lots, swimming pools, signs and whatever else as may be required be the village.

Planning/Zoning Fees


Request for review and approval of subdivision:    $25 per lot


Request for change in zoning classification:    $175
Request for Conditional Use Permit or for a Variance (Zoning Board of Appeals):   $100
Request for street or alley vacation:   $100

^ Non-refundable fee is due with application for the above.


Request to hold a yard/garage/street sale:   $0
(Permit must be picked up at the Municipal Building, but there is no fee for this permitPermit lists all sale rules, regulations and penalties. Permit must be picked up prior to starting your yard sale. )


Request for permission for building demolition:  $25.00 
(Permit must be picked up at the Municipal Building.)