EAST PALESTINE — Anyone who thinks they have what it takes to organize a plan for a Christmas lights display in the East Palestine park for the future is welcome to approach the park board.

A lack of Christmas lights in the park recently prompted a discussion on the “You know You’re From East Palestine, OH When …” Facebook page.

Several people commented that they were disappointed they couldn’t take their children to see lights in the park this year and wondered why lights or decorations couldn’t be found.

Others commented that they haven’t seen a Christmas lights display in the park for several years.

The Facebook discussion was not all negative, however, with many offering suggestions and even volunteering to help get lights in the park.

Acting Mayor Alan Cohen said last week he has not seen a Christmas lights display in the park since he became a member of council in 2012.

He was not sure when the last time a display was featured in the park, but said that it has been a while.

Cohen is council’s representative to the park board and said there has not been any discussion among the board about lights in the park.

“I want people to volunteer to do things in the community. If there are people that want to step forward and start something in the community to do this, that’s wonderful. But they have to come to the park board to start it,” he explained.

Requests heard by the park board would then be presented to Village Manager Pete Monteleone for final approval, he added.

Cohen suggested that any plans for lights or decorations should be well thought out.

“Anything that you want to do that brings people into the park, we are going to get behind you and support you, but we want it to be well planned,” he said.

The park board will meet again sometime in mid-January.

“That is the community park, and it sits so empty during the wintertime. I would like to see that change,” Cohen said.

Katie White Morning Journal News