NS Value Assistance Program

On September 18, Norfolk Southern announced the Value Assurance Program for East Palestine area homeowners. Residents can learn more about the interim program geography, all eligibility requirements, and the specific steps required for program participation on the VAP website, materials available at the FAC, or by contacting the VAP Administrator via PropertyAdministrator@alvarezandmarsal.com or (877) 270-6970.

Value Assistance Program – Making it Right in East Palestine (nsmakingitright.com)


Walking Trail Closure

A portion of the Walking Trail will be closed starting later this week for the next several months due to construction at the Water Treatment Plant.  The trail will be closed between Bacon Avenue and the northwest corner exiting the park.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

New Solicitors, Peddlars, & Food Truck Registration Required

Effective January 28, 2023, all peddlers, solicitors, vendors and food trucks are to register, and pay a fee, with the Village Building & Zoning office. This does not include non-profits, religious organizations, or school related activities. Fees are due with the application, and are non-refundable. Additional instructions will be issued at time of approval, to maintain compliance. It is recommended to call B/Z office for an appointment, available 8am to 12:30pm.  Please call 330-426-4367 ext 16

Internet Auctions

The Village has passed a resolution authorizing the sale of unneeded personal property by internet auction, as permitted by ORC 721.15.  Take notice that the Village has selected Liquidity Services Inc, DBA as www. govdeals.com, 6931 Arlington Rd, Bethesda MD, 20817.  1-800-310-4604, as the internet auction provider.

Announcements will be made on our website and FB page @ EP Information when the auctions will take place.