Village of East Palestine

Income Tax  

The Village of East Palestine uses the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) to administer and collect the Village's income tax.  

Tax rate - 1%

Tax credit - NONE

Mandatory filing - YES

Due date, calendar year taxpayers - April 15th

Due date, fiscal year taxpayers - 15th day of the 4th month after the close of the fiscal period

Estimates - If local tax is not automatically withheld from your pay and/or you owe taxes totaling $100.00 or more, you are required to file a declaration of estimated taxes.  Payments are due as follows:  

Calendar year taxpayers:

1st quarter - April 15

2nd quarter - July 31

3rd quarter - October 31

4th quarter - January 31

If you have tax questions, call the Village of East Palestine Finance Department at 330-426-4367, Extension 19 or the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) at 330-743-3400.  A computer link to RITA's web site is also located on the Village of East Palestine home page.


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