Welcome to East Palestine

"Where you want to be"





Village Manager Peter Monteleone ep-manager@comcast.ent

Mayor - Margo Zuch 

Law Director - David Powers

Administrative Assistant -  Misti J. Martin  ep-council@comcast.net

Finance Director - Traci Thompson  ep-finance@comcast.net

Chief of Police -  Kevin Dickey

Fire Chief - Josh Brown

Wastewater Treatment Plant/Water Operator-in-Charge - John Jurjavcic

Street Foreman - Steve Baird

Park Foreman - Jerry Coblentz

Utilities Clerk - Kelly Sheerer

Utilities Clerk - Carol Cope

We sincerely appreciate all of the volunteers who are willing to do so much to help the Village of East Palestine.  Members of this community have generously given time and resources each year by painting the pool and bath house, planting flowers in downtown containers, reviving the local Chamber of Commerce, coaching or sponsoring children's groups at the Park, painting playground equipment and participating in the spring Dog Days event.  Individuals and groups also worked on other projects including  gathering funds for holiday fireworks and downtown Christmas lighting.  We thank each and every volunteer for getting involved and for helping to make East Palestine a better place.


Village Manager Peter Monteleone


Mayor Margo Zuch


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